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How Much Does a Divorce Cost in Mississippi?

Some would say that there is no such thing as a cheap divorce. While it may not be cheap, there is no reason why it has to be so expensive that a Mississippian can’t afford a divorce he or she wants or to which he or she is entitled. Traditionally, lawyers who represent clients in Mississippi divorce, child custody disputes, and property distribution issues charge a billable hour (the average in Gulfport/Biloxi is around $250/hour) that is backed up by an initial retainer (around $2,500, renewable when initial retainer is exhausted). I, too, bill by the hour – when it is appropriate. But I, and my clients, prefer flexible billing. This is a unique approach to customizing the fee agreement based on each individual client and case. It all starts with an initial consultation in which we discuss the facts of your case, your goals, and how the law is likely to apply. All of this information is used to determine a price plan that works for both you and me. Think of it as a menu, in which each dish can be purchased for a specific price. That price never goes up or down and you are provided with exactly what you order, no more, no less. This gives us both the financial security necessary to achieving your goals.

Why don’t other Mississippi family law attorneys charge this way? I really don’t know why other lawyers charge what they do, or how they determine their fees. I do know that any lawyer that quotes a fee, hourly billing agreement, or retainer, without knowing all of the facts for each individual client, or their client’s goals, is probably selling himself and his client short. I can offer flexible billing that is often less expensive, predictable, and more transparent because of two factors: technology and systems. The continuing advances in technology make my job faster and easier. Simple, well known advances such as email and text messaging allow almost instantaneous communication – no more waiting on the mail for correspondence, or having to leave a voicemail and waiting on return call. Additionally, I have implemented my inter-office procedures by taking advantage of case management software. This reduces the amount of tasks which would typically require personal attention. Call me and let’s discuss what pricing option I can offer you at 228-206-5758.

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