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The need for a Mississippi guardianship or conservatorship often arises in difficult times and can be very stressful and taxing. It is indeed a sad time when a loved one is no longer able to make responsible decisions about their well being and/or finances. When exactly is a guardianship or conservatorship needed. Consider the following situations:

  • Is your disabled child turning 21?  If so, your “child” will be a legal adult and will be responsible for his own medical, educational and personal decisions, unless you become his legal guardian.
  • Is your elderly parent or spouse suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s and no longer able to make his own safe, responsible decisions?
  • Has your family member been in an accident which has left him debilitated or in a coma and no longer able to communicate decisions about his medical or financial well being?
  • Has your minor child inherited insurance money and the insurance company says a guardian or conservator needs to be in place before they release the money?

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