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Many Mississippians think their bank account is too small to need a will, or that only wealthy people have trust funds. While I understand the association between wealth and estate planning, the truth is that everyone who desires to leave specific property to specific people, and/or wants to minimize the amount of taxes owed at death, needs some form of estate planning. There is possibly a greater need for estate planning, especially a will, in Mississippi if you or your spouse, parent, or guardian are a member of the military, law enforcement, a first responder, or any other inherently dangerous field of employment or recreation. We are proud to be able to help residents of the gulf coast with estate planning and often work closely with experienced accountants, financial planners, and tax attorneys – at no extra costs – to ensure that your family will be provided for after death, and that your wishes will be honored. Please call today at 228-206-5758 to speak with an experienced Mississippi wills and trust lawyer at our Gulfport office.

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