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Mississippi Termination of Parental Rights Attorneys

In Mississippi, adoptions frequently go hand-in-hand with the termination of one or both parent’s parental rights. This is serious business. When I was a young lawyer, a retired judge told me that terminating a parent’s rights to their child was the chancery court equivalent of a death sentence. As happy as Mississippi courts are about adoption, they are equally troubled by the thought of officially severing the relationship of a parent and child. It, like death, is permanent. We know there are some cases where it is in the best interest of a child to have one or both parents’ rights terminated, but we also know there are cases where it is not. If you are looking to have a parent’s rights terminated, or have been sued to have your own rights terminated, we have the resources, skills and knowledge to help. Call today for a Free Consultation at 228-206-5758

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